A key step many people skip for a successful home sale

To make sure you get the most out of a home sale, there are a lot of factors that come into play.  This time on  Real Estate in the 608 we speak to Greta Drammeh with Accord Realty and Geode Design, who has a keen eye for finding the problem with a home sale and fixing it.  Ben, Asher, and Adam talk to Greta about that key step, in addition to house flipping and buying tax lien properties.     

Get advice on home fixes with the “Top Of The Hour Tip.” Go in-depth with advice for buyers and sellers with the “Market Update”’ from the Lauer Realty Group. Get the bigger picture of the economy as it relates to the national real estate market with Phil Plourd and Phil’s Phone-in that looks “Beyond the 608.”  Episode 5.7 – July 2023.

Guest: Greta Drammeh, Geode Collaborative Design and Accord Realty
Release date: 7/23/2023
Season 5, Episode 7