Behind the scenes of St Vinnies

This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to John Cobb with Saint Vincent dePaul in Madison. John gives us the behind the scenes look how St Vinnies operates, and supports the community. John joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton, Asher Masino, and Adam Elliott where we also cover how St Vinnies might be a great answer to some of your home investments during the move in and move out.

Get advice on home fixes during the pandemic with the “Top Of The Hour Tip”. Go in depth with advice for buyers and sellers with the “Market Update”’ from the Lauer Realty Group. Get the bigger picture of the economy as it relates to the national real estate market with Phil Plourd and Phil’s Phone-in that looks beyond the 608.” Episode 5.11 – November 2023.

Guest: John Cobb, St. Vincent de Paul – Madison
Release date: 11/19/2023
Season 5, Episode 11