Landlord Beginnings and Endings

What really happens at the beginning of a landlord/tenant relationship?  What really happens at the end of one?  Ben and Adam are joined by In The 608 family member Asher Masino for a roundtable discussion on beginnings and endings. Adam is heading to California, while maintaining a Madison rental, and explains how he expects his first-time experience of being a landlord is going to work. Ben often gets asked about evictions, and having just gone through a rough one provides some insight into what that looks like. 

Get advice on home fixes with the “Top Of The Hour Tip.” Go in-depth with advice for buyers and sellers with the “Market Update”’ from the Lauer Realty Group. Get the bigger picture of the economy as it relates to the national real estate market with Phil Plourd and Phil’s Phone-in that looks “Beyond the 608.”  Episode 5.4 – April 2023.

Guest: Ben, Adam, and Asher
Release date: 4/15/2023
Season 5, Episode 4