How do you make your attic habitable? 

Looking for ways to expand the square footage in your home, maybe you should be looking up? Ben, Adam, and Asher are joined by Shannon Davis with the City of Madison Building Inspection Unit who gives us the rules to follow when considering converting an attic into a living space. 

Get advice on home fixes with the “Top Of The Hour Tip.” Go in-depth with advice for buyers and sellers with the “Market Update”’ from the Lauer Realty Group. Get the bigger picture of the economy as it relates to the national real estate market with Phil Plourd and Phil’s Phone-in that looks “Beyond the 608.”  Episode 5.5 – May 2023.

Real Estate in the 608

Guest: Ben, Adam, Asher, and City of Madison Building Inspection Plan Review Specialist Shannon Davis
Release date: 5/16/2023
Season 5, Episode 5