• Behind the scenes of St Vinnies
    This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to John Cobb with Saint Vincent dePaul in Madison. John gives us the behind the scenes look how St Vinnies operates, and supports the community. John joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton, Asher Masino, and Adam Elliott where we also cover how St Vinnies… Read more: Behind the scenes of St Vinnies
  • The state of the Madison real estate market
    This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to return guest Liz Lauer, owner of the Liz Lauer Realty Group in Madison. She provides keen insight on what’s happen with the Madison real estate market, how inflation takes tolls, and how it might affect your home buying and selling strategy. Liz joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also discuss which month tends to net the most expensive home sales. 
  • The most cost-effective way to add value and size to your house 
    We test out how low we can go this time on Real Estate in the 608 as we talk basement remodeling with Katie Mooney, City of Madison Building Inspection Division.
  • How old windows are just as efficient as new windows
    When you put all the numbers together, the greenest building is the one that’s already built.  This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to Merle Domer of the woman-owned Sol Restoration, an artisan, and wood window restorer.  Ben, Asher, and Adam talk to Merle about what kind of home is deserving of this kind of stewardship, and how replacement work was once strongly valued, and maybe should be again.
  • A key step many people skip for a successful home sale
    To make sure you get the most out of a home sale, there are a lot of factors that come into play.  This time on  Real Estate in the 608 we speak to Greta Drammeh with Accord Realty and Geode Design, who has a keen eye for finding the problem with a home sale and fixing it.  Ben, Asher, and Adam talk to Greta about that key step, in addition to house flipping and buying tax lien properties.   
  • How do new neighborhoods get built?
    Ever wonder how they build new neighborhoods in Madison?  This time we speak to Lindsay Hagens, a developer with Simply Homes Realty and Alejandra Torres with Lauer Realty Group about how the new neighborhood on Madison’s North/Eastside Jannah Village has come to be. Ben, Asher, and Adam get into the steps that need to take place, just to help more folks have a place called home.   
  • How do you make your attic habitable? 
    Looking for ways to expand the square footage in your home, maybe you should be looking up? Ben, Adam, and Asher are joined by Shannon Davis with the City of Madison Building Inspection Unit who gives us the rules to follow when considering converting an attic into a living space. 
  • Landlord Beginnings and Endings
    What really happens at the beginning of a landlord/tenant relationship? What really happens at the end of one? Ben and Adam are joined by In The 608 family member Asher Masino for a roundtable discussion on beginnings and endings. Adam is heading to California, while maintaining a Madison rental, and explains how he expects his first time experience of being a landlord is going to work. Ben often gets asked about evictions, and having just gone through a rough one, provides some insight into what that looks like.
  • The savings superhero of home loans
    There are ways to save money when it comes to the actual cost of a home loan, sometimes it just comes down to a strong strategy. Abbey Wentland, Senior Loan Officer with Wisconsin-founded Fairway Mortgage might just be the savings superhero of home loans. Abbey helps home buyers navigate the sometimes tricky unknowns of getting the best loan and is a seasoned expert in the process. Abbey joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also get her take on the current status of interest rates and what they mean to you.
  • Home projects for good with Project Home
    If you were wondering what kind of help there is out there that’s really making a difference for folks In The 608, look no further. Adam Weisse has spent much of his career in service to others, so it should come as no surprise that he’s managing a program for Project Home, a non-profit that improves the quality and affordability of housing for local folks earning low-to-moderate incomes. Adam helps us understand how investing in homes is an investment in our community. Adam joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also get the inside line on how the housing market is behaving in Madison this year.
  • Real Estate Predictions for 2023
    Liz Lauer of the Lauer Realty group was able to predict last year’s interest rate increases almost perfectly. Because they were right on the nose, we brought Liz back to make some predictions about what’s going to happen in the real estate market this year. Liz joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also get some potentially good news during Phil’s Phone-in.
  • 2022: The Year In Review
    In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott wrap up 2022 by counting down our podcasts from the year. We dive into the highest and lowest sales of the year, express our gratitude, and make some predictions for 2023.
  • WISC TV’s Josh Spreiter shares his secret to avoid buyer’s remorse
    It’s been about a year since Ben helped WISC Reporter Josh Spreiter purchase his first home. On WISC, Josh highlights the unique people, places, and events across the Madison area and southern Wisconsin with his “In the 608” feature reports. We got along so well the first time we had Josh on Real Estate In the 608, that we wanted to check in and see what lessons he’s learned, challenges he’s faced, and how he dodged the dreaded buyer’s remorse.  Josh is also a personal trainer and joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott when we ask whether it’s ok to skip leg day.
  • What does it take to build new in today’s real estate market?
    New construction tends to catch your eye in a neighborhood and is often signaling economic growth, investment, and progress. With all the new construction we see going on, it’s time we talked to someone whose job it is to make those projects happen, and what they mean to a community. This time on Real Estate in the 608 we talk to Corey Sines, a Project Manager with Ideation Builders. Corey joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we talk about what are some of the coolest custom features he’s built into new homes.
  • How a local lender might make your real estate planning easier
    Of all the folks that you’ll come into contact with in the real estate buying process, the lender might be one of the key contacts you’ll need. Knowing that you can easily get a hold of them can make the process that much easier. This time on Real Estate in the 608 we talk to Patrick “Pappy” Johnson, a mortgage field manager with Johnson Bank. Pappy joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we talk about how going local pays off.
  • Are real estate developers like the Monopoly Man?
    There’s a perception that real estate developers are similar to the Monopoly Man, sitting on piles of cash, and twisting their mustaches while anticipating the next big deal. That’s not exactly true, and this time on Real Estate in the 608 we talk to Madison area developer Brandon Cook appears to be more of a regular guy who just likes to keep busy. Brandon joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we talk about his approach to real estate, and how others might follow his plan.
  • The one thing a real estate agent should do for you
    A real estate agent can do a lot in the buying and selling process, and there’s one way to know if they are really on your side. This time on Real Estate in the 608 we bring on our first second-time guest Chris Mikkelson of Madison’s Best Home Inspection who also shares the most common house fixes that a home inspector looks out for. Chris joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also discuss tree law, and how both Chris and Adam got outbid on a house that Ben was helping sell.
  • Keeping your cool!
    Does your home have the right amount of protection to keep cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool? This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to Todd Steege with TNT Insulation who seals up the knowledge gaps when it comes to sealing your home with insulation. Todd joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott where we also discuss the different kinds of ways to insulate your home, and whether spray foam is as fun as it sounds.
  • How Madison may be setting a carpentry record
    There may be a record number of women, and people of color who are learning the carpentry trade in Madison and we talk to the person who may be responsible for it. This time on Real Estate in the 608 we speak to Allie Berenyi, Instructor with the Madison College Construction and Remodeling program.
  • How can the decision to go solar be as simple as a trip to Costco?
    Sam Dunaiski as part of his role at Renew Wisconsin helps the City of Madison administer the Madisun Solar Energy program. Madisun coordinates a group buy opportunities for Madison residential home-owners as well educates home and business owners alike on the benefits of solar energy.
  • This guy has the cure for your roof
    Carl Cure has the “Cure” for all that ails your roof. We sit with Owner and front man Carl Cure. We talk roofing terminology, new practices and tales as old as time. We also talk about how the roof plays an important roll in the overall insulation, heating and cooling of your home and the efficiencies of your different systems.
  • The best month to sell, when to buy, and what if those dates don’t line up
    Broker-Owner of the Lauer Realty Group sits with Ben and Adam, to both (as best we can), predict what 2022 will look like for buyers and sellers alike. We’ll also imagine what someone may face if they have to do both, set specifically against the challenging Spring marketplace. Lot’s of straight-talk from a few real estate veterans.
  • The road to “medium-time” property investing
    Medium-time real estate investor, Strong Towns contributor, Monona landlord, and all-around swell guy, Johnny San Francisco joins us for a look at how you too can get a start in real estate investing. His rags, to still some rags, and riches story is one I hope many can relate to.
  • The 2021 Holiday Episode
    A kind of “Year in Review” episode including some end-of-year market statistics. You’ll also enjoy some holiday bumper music from our “In the 608” musicians. We said goodbye to Bob Westfall this year and close the episode with some Christmas music he recorded back in the day when I was at WMMM-FM.
  • How to create equity through creating wealth
    Tiffany Malone, co-creator of the Own It! program, joins us to shine some light on the way she and other real estate professionals are tackling the issue of black homeownership and the disparities when compared to white families.
  • How to spot asbestos in your home and what to do about it
    Bob Stigsell, the owner of Advanced Health and Safety, has traveled the world, but also to Canada, to find a bride, but also to Asbestos, Canada, home of the world’s largest open-pit asbestos mine.
  • The first person to talk to before starting your next home project
    Kevin O’Brien, a residential designer, sits with Ben and Adam to talk about the importance of good design and how making that a separate and mindful step in advance of other work can lead to great results. We learn how his varied and long history in construction and design is helping him on his journey to designing and building his own new home.
  • How used appliances might be just as good as new
    Used as good as new?  New to you?  We talk about used appliances but also delve into when to replace versus repair. We sit with a third-generation appliance man and heir apparent to the Kirch Appliance fortune, Josh Gavol.  
  • Will better photos get you a better price when selling your home?
    Kristin knows it’s all about the angles. She’ll pull back the curtain a bit and expose some of the magic that she employs when photographing homes. With a start in big city apartment management and a tech-geek partner, you’ll learn how these early adopters have turned a good idea into a great way to help people sell homes, rent apartments, and more.
  • What is considered a luxury in Madison?
    Straight from the trenches, (of the service industry, of the social justice movement, of Girl Scout Troop 49) this landlord, accountant, and WORT producer joins us for a time where nothing is off-limits. We get uncomfortable and touch on all the hot buttons; gentrification, landlords, developers, luxury housing, did we even start to approach reparations?  
  • Are Mother-In-Law suites a solution to our housing needs?
    We sit with Matt Tucker, Zoning Administrator for the City of Madison, to talk about what any think is an easy answer to the housing affordability problem here in Maidson, the Accessory Dwelling Unit!  ADU’s are more than just carriage houses. They include basement apartments as well as accessory buildings.  Why have they not yet been super popular and what hurdles remain before they become commonplace?  We talk about zoning, restrictions, financing, and the myriad of benefits they offer to current homeowners. 
  • What does that assessment postcard really mean?
    We get our toes wet in the pool of municipal funding. We’ll chat about real estate taxes, city budgets, and social assessments. Think of it as how your city is funded 101. We also touch on some of the issues related to recent zoning amendments designed to make it easier for small and medium-sized developers to build small and medium-sized apartments. What’s Marsha’s rub?
  • Common law marriage myths and partner pre-nups
    Juscha Robinson joined us in Season 3 Episode two to talk about title and how to best protect your interest in real estate. We’ll talk with her and dig deeper into estate planning, buying, and selling real estate with and without a Realtor.  We also talk about many of the common issues she helps her clients face in life and in death.
  • Home ownership and the LGBTQ+ community: the title matters
    Asher joins the podcast as we talk about LOVE in all of its forms. We’ll talk about issues as challenges that people of the LGBTQ+ community may face as they enter homeownership.  We’ll also discuss how some of the same legal topics and an understanding of them can help ALL people as they exit real estate partnerships, marriages, or couplings. 
  • Can a healer make your house feel like home?
    In season three we first align our actions with our intentions. What a better way to get 2021 off to a fresh start than a conversation with a woman who can help clear out bad energy and help start anew? Jessica Riphenburg talks about “house Cleansing” and much more. She can help make 2021 the “FRESH, NEW” experience we all hope it can be.
  • The 2020 Holiday Show
    We re-cap “The 12 episodes of Christmas”. You might be surprised how many of our most recent episodes are in the top 12 of ALL-TIME. There’s a special visit from Liz Lauer of Lauer Realty Group.
  • What is the right time to replace windows?
    Both co-host Adam Elliott and friend Allison Werner have recently gone through the “window shopping” process. Get a look at the process and how they came to their decisions. This will be part one of a two-part series on windows after we sit with Bob Westfall and talk DIY next March.
  • Two things you absolutely need to paint it yourself
    We get back to the basics and spend the house with three painting “know-it-alls”, one of which has a more convincing title.  Jessica Moreau, General Manager of Certa Pro Painters Madison. We cover the basics and try to lay down as many simple takeaways as the medium allows.
  • Segregation by design: The real history of the US housing market
    Dr. Glotzer takes us to early 1900’s Baltimore and beyond, connecting the dots and parties that lead to many and much of the restrictive covenants we see lingering in antiquated deed restrictions still today. 
  • How to buy and sell at the same time
    Guest Pam Andros does it all. A client, we just executed a tricky “sell then buy” in one of the tightest markets Madison has ever seen. We get a primer on planning and zoning as well in preparation for next month’s episode.  This episode is jam-packed, so hold on!
  • The bathroom remodeler con sabor!
    In episode 7 of season two, Araceli Esparza of Midwest Mujeres joins us.  She recently tackled adding a basement bathroom. She’ll add value to her home as well as our “toolbox” with stories and recounting her experience.
  • Carpet is still in demand, here’s why…
    In episode 7 of season two, Araceli Esparza of Midwest Mujeres joins us.  She recently tackled adding a basement bathroom. She’ll add value to her home as well as our “toolbox” with stories and recounting her experience.
  • The magic trick electricians can perform in your house
    Episode five of season two is also episode 2 of the “Safer at Home” order. Nic Sweatt of Assurance Electrical Services joins us by phone.  We talk about the biggest driving factor of most electrical work SAFETY!
  • How much does it cost to replace a furnace? + coronavirus effects on the market
    Episode five of season two is also episode 2 of the “Safer at Home” order. Nic Sweatt of Assurance Electrical Services joins us by phone.  We talk about the biggest driving factor of most electrical work SAFETY!
  • An exclusive: The ice cream drama on Madison’s east side
    You’ll get “The Scoop” with an up-close and personal look at  2302 Atwood Avenue’s transition from the Chocolate Shoppe to The Atwood Scoop.  Adjacent Jackson St.  Plaza in Madison’s Schenk’s Corners Neighborhood, this switch made for a lot of drama, darkness, and we wanted to shed some light.
  • How do you get the best deal on insurance?
    We’ll learn the inside and outs of the insurance business and the difference working with an independent versus a captured agent can make. How much coverage IS enough coverage?
  • Can hardwoord floors increase your home value?
    How hard is it to have beautiful hardwood floors? We spend the hour with Michael Bonebreak, landlord and owner of Madison Hardwood Floors.  He’s a character and smells of rich mahogany,
  • The 2019 Holiday Show
    A brief look back at 2019 with some fun holiday music. hailed as “The shortest episode yet.” by Variety Magazine.
  • F35s in Madison – the F is not for fun
    Join residential lending veteran and Monona Bank Vice President Micha Petersen as we discuss the home loan process as well as dig deeper into how financing and its availability of it can affect values. We discuss briefly the home buying process, different loan programs, and even the potential effects of an F-35 bed down at Truax field. 
  • Man About Monona: Lindsay Wood Davis — Lessons learned while wading through the real estate waters
    Radio legend and prolific Monona resident Lindsay Wood Davis is our guest for episode 10 where we learn about our love of real estate near water, and how not to get soaked. We look at the lightning real estate lessons learned as Lindsay may have navigated more real estate moves that any man in Monona to date. Lindsay talks about his love of the lakes, love of being local and why you need to consider your neighbors first. Lindsay joins In The 608 hosts Ben Anton and Adam Elliott, where we talk about the seasonality of real estate and the importance of good neighbors.
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