Real Estate In The 608

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Real Estate in the 608 is an interview driven podcast, book-ended with re-occurring features. We dig deep into all aspects of Madison home and rental property ownership. 

Guests include partners from financing to plumbing, carpeting to drywall, even other agents/brokers. Feeling a void in larger nationally marketed podcasts Ben and Adam agreed a better, more local and relevant job could be done. 

A freshly painted house
Ben and Asher at the podcast table

Ben and Asher

The voices behind the mics.

Ben Anton

There is all kinds of information about Ben at and the Lauer Realty Group‘s website.  Rather than re-invent the wheel check, Google him.   

Asher Masino

Asher is also a realtor with the Lauer Realty Group, but so much more too. They are a homeowner, Madison native, weightlifter, and loves gardening.

Adam Elliott

Adam is still part of the podcast, taking a behind the scenes role with editing and production. He spent nearly 20 years in the radio industry as a morning radio personality and news reporter. His hobbies include playing music, movies, traveling, bicycling, cooking, and home renovations.

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All of the opinions shared on Real Estate in the 608 are just that, opinions. Guests and or hosts speak only for themselves and may not represent the opinions of sponsors or I suppose even fact.